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Need Some Writing Advice? Swoon Reads Is Here to Help!

Here at Swoon Reads, we aren’t just looking to publish books. We want to develop authors and build a community where people can come to share their work and grow as writers.

Over the years, we’ve posted a lot of writing tips and behind-the-scenes looks at the publishing process here on the Swoon Says blog with the goal of helping all of you to develop your craft. 

But let’s face it: Writing is hard. There are a bazillion and a half things that go into creating a story, whether you’re writing a witty contemporary, a sweeping historical, or an epic fantasy. No matter what genre you prefer to explore, most of the fundamentals are the same.

So, we decided we would take it one step further. We combed through our entire blog archive and picked out the pearliest pearls of wisdom we could offer you and compiled them all into one easy-to-access place. We’re very proud to introduce The Swoon Reads Guide to Writing:

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From making sure your characters are up to snuff to techniques for staying focused and motivated, The Swoon Reads Guide to Writing is full of explanations and advice for the sole purpose of helping you to make sure your book is the absolute best it can be. We hope all of you can find it useful in some way.

Happy writing, Swooners! We can’t wait to read what you come up with next.

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