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Most Likely to Make Us Swoon: 5 Highlights in YA for 2018

Well, Swooners, 2018 is almost history. So what better time to reflect on this past year with a BEST YA EXPERIENCES OF 2018 LIST!

Below are some of my top YA Superlatives of 2018.

Best Series to Binge (And Then Binge the Netflix Movie 100 More Times)


to all the boys series

This one was a no brainer. Jenny Han’s incredibly adorable and funny series got the Netflix treatment it deserved and we got the Peter Kavinsky we deserved. Sup, Noah Centineo. If you’ve only seen the movie and haven’t read the books yet, you are in for a treat and I am incredibly jealous.

Best New Voice


LTAL final cover

For me, all the new characters and voices flooding the YA universe are fresh and exciting, and Kann’s accessible, relatable love story ticked all the boxes for me. Plus finding love in a library is PRETTY high on the ol’ dream board.

Best Sophomore Showing


The Way You Make Me Feel cover.jpg

I loved Maurene Goo’s first novel I Believe in a Thing Called Love, I thought the writing was fierce and witty and fun and patiently awaited her next book. The Way You Make Me Feel exceeded all of my expectations and didn’t lose an ounce of the biting dialogue or complex characters that I loved from her first novel. Goo has made a fan for life.

Best Series to Get Hooked On Before the Movie Comes Out


dumplin duology covers

Dumplin’ is a book that I recommend to anyone that will listen. When Puddin’ came out, I was delighted to find out that I felt that exact same way reading it as when I read Dumplin’ for the first time. The trailer for the upcoming movie starring Jennifer Aniston as Willowdean’s overbearing and superficial mother, Rosie, just fueled my excitement even more. If you haven’t read these books yet, I highly encourage you to.

Most Badass YA Protagonist of the Year


sky in the deep cover

Not only is Eelyn a ridiculous warrior, but now she’s got a fresh family betrayal to fan those flames! Not only that, let’s put her in a village in the harsh winter where basically everyone wants to kill her AND let’s add a murderous clan that was thought to be a thing of legend. There’s a love story stuck in there between all the blood and snow.

What are some of your top highlights of the year, Swooners? Shout 'em out in the comments below! And let’s hope 2019 can produce the same gold as 2018!

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