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Meet the Author of KISS CAM, Kiara London!

And last but certainly not least, we’re pleased to introduce our youngest author, Kiara London. Besides the fact that it’s just so darn cute, we chose Kiss Cam as a part of our third list for its lovable characters and refreshing contemporary set-up. Here’s a little greeting from Kiara, and also take a look at her Q&A below to discover what makes her so swoonworthy. You can also follow her on Tumblr at http://daydreams-to-neverland.tumblr.com.

How did you come up with the idea for Kiss Cam?

I wouldn’t consider myself an avid vlog watcher, but I do have my Youtube obsessions. I’m especially a huge fan of collaboration videos — it’s the perfect way to organize your “ships.”  So, as you can imagine, I got pretty invested in the whole vlog-ship idea. I would daydream about what it might be like, even. Like, what if these two people really did have something going on behind the scenes? What if the fandom forced it into the open? For some reason, the title Kiss Cam popped into my head. That was the yes moment. That was Eureka!

 Who are your favorite “ships” or OTPs (one true pairings)?

I may or may not spend way too much time thinking about Teen Wolf and all of the people Stiles Stilinski could be paired up with: Derek, Lydia… not Malia…

Overall, I totally ship Stiles with myself. I have a feeling we’d be the ultimate OTP — not to brag or anything.

Who would play your characters in a movie?

Because he just plays quirky so well, I would cast Dylan O’Brien as Jasper (Gee, you totally can’t tell he’s my celeb crush at all, can you?). I really like the idea of Teresa Palmer for June. Then, Jason Dolley for Lenny and Lily Collins as Allison. Those are the major ones. I don’t really know who would fit the bill for Elaina or Duke — or more importantly, who would fill the role of Papa Cooper.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? When did you start writing?

I wanted to be a writer in middle school, which is coincidentally when I started writing.  It was seventh grade. We got assigned a creative writing project, and what was supposed to be a two to three page story turned into a one hundred page story by the end of the summer… Yeah, I ended up turning in an entirely different project so I wouldn’t torture my teacher with a long, unfinished story about clones. After that, writing turned into an addiction.

What is your favorite flavor of chapstick? (We are thinking of the 12 days of Kiss-Mas.)

I LOVE fruity chapstick — not cherry, though. There’s something not quite right about that flavor. It reminds me of cough drops.

Anyway, I’m obsessed with my pomegranate raspberry EOS at the moment.

What is your favorite scene in Kiss Cam?

Ah, this is so easy. It’s, like, my dream. Picture this: goofy, slightly romantic dancing.

Yes. I love the scene where Jasper and June dance to Drops of Jupiter in the hallway during the Spring Bash.

What makes you swoon?

Dylan O’Brien. Hand holding. Cheesy romcoms (only to be watched by myself because I might squeal and embarrass myself). Red velvet cupcakes. Boys with puppies. A fantastic sense of humor.

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