Meet the Author of LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT, SM Koz!

Meet the third of four amazingly talented authors joining the Swoon Reads family, SM Koz! We were completely sucked into her steamy and so-real story about a lost soul who falls for her foster brother. Don't miss Love Me, Love Me Not!

Where did the idea for Love Me, Love Me Not come from? 

I’ve been a foster parent for a number of years and, during this time, I’ve met many teens in the system. Over and over again, I’ve been impressed by their resilience and strength. I can’t even imagine being uprooted from everything you know and then transplanted into a different family with a different culture, rules, everything. I’m sure I would have never handled it as well as they do. At the same time, we heard from well-meaning folks that getting involved with the foster system is simply opening up your home to trouble. While that sometimes happens, it’s not the norm. I wanted to write a book about all those strong teens who use the foster system as a springboard to the life they deserve. A life where food, clothing, healthcare, and education can be counted on day after day. And once they feel secure in having their basic needs met, they can thrive to become productive young adults who add to our society in meaningful ways. My hope is this book will not only entertain, but also educate the public on why teens are in foster care, some of the challenges they face, and the importance of not stereotyping them based on their appearance or categorization as a “foster kid.” If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll convince at least one reader to become a foster parent.

Hailey and Brad can't be together because they are foster siblings. What's your favorite forbidden couple in TV, books, or movies? 

Jack and Rose from Titanic. I’m a hopeless romantic and that movie is about as hopeless and as romantic as you can get!

Who would play your characters in a movie? 

For Hailey, I’d pick AnnaSophia Robb because I love her look of innocence. Despite everything Hailey has witnessed, she is still pretty honest and pure inside. For Brad, I’d go with Burkley Duffield (after an intense work-out regimen and some hair modifications) because he seems to emanate an air of friendliness and happiness, two of Brad’s best traits.

What makes you swoon? 

Mat Bellamy’s voice. He’s the lead singer of MUSE and I love that band!

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