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Meet the Author of LOST IN LIMBO, Elizabeth Hrib!

Say hello to the first of four wonderful new authors joining the Swoon Reads family, Elizabeth Hrib! We were completely sucked in by her enthralling paranormal adventure full of girl-power (and one super cute adorkable angel-boy). Learn more about Lost in Limbo!

What inspired you to write Lost in Limbo?

I was studying for my nursing degree—doing research for one of those never-ending papers you seem to get in university—when I came across an article about the Lazarus phenomenon. Basically when people spontaneously come back to life after being pronounced dead. I thought that made for such a cool story but just sat on the idea for a while. Fast forward to graduation: I was preparing to move to the East Coast and spent a week in Halifax searching for a place to live. While there, I spent a lot of time hanging out by the ocean and exploring all the old buildings, which included quite a few churches. Suddenly that really cool idea had a home and from it grew characters and tiny bits of dialogue and a lot of sleepless nights full of writing!

What is your favorite moment in the book?

It’s so hard to pick just one but I’d have to say the first meeting between Casey and Red. The circumstances that throw them together are completely insane and ridiculous—at least Casey thinks so—but it’s also the moment that sets Casey on this journey, which I love!

If you had a guardian angel, what do you think they would be like?

They would definitely have to be down to earth (pun totally intended)! I consider myself a very calm, cool, and collected individual most of the time, so they would probably have a fairly easy job looking out for me. :) Their biggest challenge would be motivating me to get things done on time because I can be the world’s biggest procrastinator!

Who would play your characters in a movie?

Casey: Shay Mitchell

Red: Brenton Thwaites

Liddy: Skyler Samuels

Evan: Dylan O’Brien

What makes you swoon?

The things that make me swoon include people whose smiles make you feel better just by being near them. Musicals or movies that make you cry. Hard fought and won romances. And in any type of media, whether on page or on screen, it’s always those little moments of heroism. Like when the stagecoach escapes down the cobblestone street and some do-gooder has to push the unsuspecting woman out of the way. Or when friends stand up and take a bullet (even metaphorically) for each other.

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