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Meet the Author of HARSHVILLE, Olivia Wildenstein!

Meet the second of two fantastic authors joining the Swoon Reads family, Olivia Wildenstein! We couldn't get enough of her totally swoony contemporary about a big-hearted dreamer who enters a once-in-a-lifetime songwriting competition. Learn more about Harshville!

Where did the idea for Harshville come from?

I’ve always admired driven teenagers and decided I wanted to write about the struggles and blessings a passion entails. Angie, the main character in Harshville, is devoured by her passion for music and wants nothing more than to succeed, but forgets that success always comes at a price. What price is too high?

Harshville is centered on a songwriting competition. Do you have a favorite music-centered television show, and why?

I was the hugest fan of Glee and then Nashville, both of which heavily influenced Harshville. But I also drew from my own experience. Back in high school, I was a musical theater junkie who attended Broadway and off-Broadway musicals religiously and who participated in all of my school’s shows. Although I wasn’t particularly talented, singing gave me the confidence I severely lacked as a teenager.

Who would play your characters in a movie?

Without a doubt, I would cast Andie MacDowell’s daughter, Margaret Qualley as Angie. Theo James as Tennessee Dylan. Nevada is a question mark. Angie's mom would be played by Kaley Cuoco. Kate Beckinsale as Mona Stone. And Ben Affleck as Ten and Nev's dad.

What makes you swoon?

The good guys, meaning not the bad ones turned good, but the ones who were always respectful, smart, generous, protective, and charming (they exist off the pages of books, people! I should know, because I married one).

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