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March Madness, Bookish Style

Happy March Madness, Swooners! Unfortunately for me, my Alma Mater was never known to be very good at basketball. There were no tailgates, or screaming fans, or buzzer beater wins that students talked about for years after. But that’s ok! In my adult life, my sports teams have never let me down! JK. I’m a Mets/Jets fan, and if that didn’t automatically make you say “aww, poor Liz” then please stay that blissfully unaware forever. You don’t need that negativity in your life.

This year, instead of making a bracket full of teams I don’t know and losing money I don’t have, I decided to do something a little different. So in honor of Women’s History Month, Reading Across America Day, AND March, I present to you: Bad Ass Lady March Madness or B.A.L.M.M.! (I need to workshop this one.) 

BUT ANYWAY, the point is to get together with a group of friends with a blank bracket and fill it out with your favorite women characters and make arguments as to why one deserves to be the Supreme Queen over the others. My coworkers and I did a standard 16-team bracket and made each of the four sections a different genre, in this case Fantasy, General Fiction, Sci-Fi, and Romance. We picked four characters from each genre to pit against each other and were left with four characters that had huge impacts on our lives. This started a really interesting conversation about what characteristics each of us prioritize or what character spoke to us more and reminded us why these characters are so important in the first place. Eventually you have to decide on one solid winner, but once we got down to it we just decided that instead of making them duke it out we would just go out for a drink with the final four and have a pretty solid crew.

Here's my bracket! 

lady march madness bracket

And here's a blank version to use yourselves! (To see/print/download a bigger version, right click and open the image in a new tab.)

blank bracket

Comment below on how you would break your bracket up and some of the characters you would include! 

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