Manuscript Round Up

We now have over 130 manuscripts on the site with comments and ratings on many of them. However, with so many new manuscripts coming in, a few of the older submissions aren’t getting as much love as they should. We put together a few examples in each genre so that you guys might find a diamond in the rough.


Posse Junction by John McAndrewTartarus - Kelsey Gentry

After rescuing a girl in a cornfield a romance ensues but is threatened by a brutal young biker.

Tartarus by Kelsey Gentry

A story of love and bravery set in Tartarus, a realm of the Underworld where wicked souls reside.

Sunny With a Scoop of Ice Cream by Emily Heintz

When Melissa literally falls for a guy at the mall, she has no clue he’s on his way to her farm.


Ember's Flame - Maya IrvingContemporary

Ember’s Flame by Maya Irving

Haunted by her past, 17-year-old Ember must choose between two boys she loves and her future.

Finding Me by Amanda Miller

Greg cuts, he hides who he is, but when given an option to change his life, can he?

Azure Eyes by Lisa Church

The death of a student brings two unlikely people together.

Runaway Royal - Jennifer McClelland




The Runaway Royal by Jennifer McClelland

A princess runs away from the castle and her life only to find herself leading the charge for change



Chrysalis - Michelle Cornwell JordanParanormal

Destiny Transformed by Kay Peyerk

Love, sacrifice, redemption, destiny. Her life turned upside down by a transformation of love, war.

My Secret’s Keeper by Jessica Thomas

An LGBT-centric paranormal love story. What could possibly go wrong?

Chrysalis by Michelle Cornwell Jordan

Hunter Ayda Blackhawk’s assignment is to kill the Thunderkin heir Adrian Dusong..but fate intervenes


**Keep in mind that we haven’t read these manuscripts either, so don’t take this as an endorsement! We just thought we’d highlight some manuscripts that need some love. **

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