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Judging a Cover by Its Book: Choose the Cover Direction for ROGUE PRINCESS

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Good morning, Swooners! We've got a really special treat for you today: it's time to vote on the cover for B.R. Myers' debut novel, Rogue Princess! We're really excited to share these three illustrated cover options with you, but before you dive in here's a refresher on what this book's all about:

Princess Tianna knows that it’s her duty to choose the right husband and gain powerful alliances for her failing planet. Yet, she has always dreamed of marrying for love, and feels like there must be a better way. Determined to chart her own course, she steals a spaceship and runs away, only to discover that her get-away ship is already inhabited.

All Sinter wanted was to “borrow” a few parts to fix his ship so he could find the hidden treasure his mother told him about. Okay so maybe liberating the parts from a royal ship wasn’t the smartest plan, but he never expected to be kidnapped by a run-away princess!

Sparks fly as this headstrong princess and would-be thief uncover a rebel conspiracy that could destroy their planet forever in this gender-swapped sci-fi YA retelling of Cinderella.

Swoon designer Mallory G. hired illustrator Audrey Lynn Estok to handle this one, and they have dreamed up three fantastic cover directions for you to choose from. Remember, the below images aren't necessarily final. These are just directions, so there will probably be some tweaks made before the book hits the shelves. (Want to see how a cover goes from concept to final? Click here.)

To view enlarged images, right click the image to view it in a new tab. Cover voting will close at noon EST on Wednesday, March 6.

RP Running cover

Running Cover

With this option we wanted to show some of the action and adventure that fills this book, so we decided to show the characters in motion, again with the castle featured in the background.

RP Wood Frame cover

Window Cover

With this option we wanted to focus more on the romance between the two characters, and added some fun by calling out several important objects from the plot.

RP Cloudscape cover

Cloudscape Cover

With this option we really wanted to focus on Tianna herself, and capture that fairytale feeling with her gorgeous dress and the magical landscape that she will rule spread out in front of her.

Click here for a special behind-the-scenes look at how these cover directions came to be!

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