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Judging a Cover by Its Book: Choose the Cover Direction for MIND GAMES

Cover voting is now closed. Thanks for all your help!

Hey there, Swooners!

We are incredibly excited to show you all the proposed cover directions for Shana Silver's recently renamed debut novel, Mind Games! In case you're in need of a refresher, here's a little more info about it:

"Arden sells memories. Whether it’s becoming homecoming queen or studying for that all important test, Arden can hack into a classmate’s memories and upload the experience for you just as if you’d lived it yourself. Business is great, right up until the day Arden whites out, losing 15 minutes of her life and all her memories of the boy across the school yard. The boy her friends assure her she’s had a crush on for years.

Arden realizes that her own memories have been hacked, but they haven’t just been stolen and shared… they’ve been removed. And she’s not the only one, her mysterious crush, Sebastian, has lost ALL of his memories. But how can they find someone who has the power to make them forget everything they’ve learned?"

Swoon designer extraordinaire Liz D. has cooked up five awesome cover options for you to choose from and has also shared some thoughts about her inspiration behind each. Remember, the below images aren't necessarily final. These are just directions, so there will most likely be some tweaks made before the book hits the shelves. (Want to see how a cover goes from concept to final? Click here.)

To view enlarged images, right click the image to view it in a new tab. Cover voting will close at noon EST on Thursday, July 5.

MindGames_Hive Cover.jpg

Hive Cover

You can read this cover in different ways: It's glimpses of many people's lives or it's one person's many memories. It tells a story in vignettes and it's a symbol of the whole hive mind. It feels like you could reach out and sink in to a different world.

For final: I would make sure each of the images relate to the book and fix up the photoshop work.

MindGames_Grid Cover.jpg

Grid Cover

This cover is inspired by the original site cover. Arden and Sebastian are separated by a pattern that looks like a maze. Will Arden be able to get through?

For final: The people are a big element on this cover! I would adjust them to match the characters better.

MindGames_Maze Cover.jpg

Maze Cover

This cover also pulls imagery from the original. Here the epic maze takes center stage, dwarfing Arden as she surveys it.

For final: I would adjust Arden to stand more realistically in the scene.

MindGames_Error Cover.jpg

Error Cover

This is a screenshot of the text "MIND GAMES" with data bending and jpg corruption. You can still see pieces of the letters layered on top of each other.

For final: I'd like to integrate the title better with the art—especially since the art is made from the title!

Delete Cover USE THIS

Delete Cover

Arden and Sebastian's memories are disappearing. This cover shows a moment literally fragmenting as they walk.

For final: The moment shown needs more urgency, and I'd make sure it's clear what's happening with the fragmentation.

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