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Judging a Cover by Its Book: Choose the Cover Direction for FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT

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Good morning, Swooners! We've got something super-special-awesome to hopefully brighten up your week: it's time to vote on the cover for Jenn P. Nguyen's second novel, Fake It Till You Break It! We're stoked to share the three cover options with you, but first, in case you missed yesterday's announcement post, here's the lowdown on this fun, new contemporary romance:

Mia and Jake have known each other their whole lives. They’ve endured summer vacations, Sunday brunches, even dentist visits together. Their mothers, who are best friends, are convinced that Mia and Jake would be the perfect couple, even though they can’t stand to be in the same room together.

After Mia’s mom turns away yet another cute boy, Mia and Jake decide they’ve have had enough. Together, they hatch a plan to get their moms off their backs. Permanently. All they have to do is pretend to date and then stage the worst breakup of all time—and then they’ll be free.

The only problem is, maybe Jake and Mia don’t hate each other as much as they once thought...

Swoon designer Carol L. has magicked up three shiny cover directions for you to choose from and shared some thoughts about her inspiration behind each one. Remember, the below images aren't necessarily final. These are just directions, so there will probably be some tweaks made before the book hits the shelves. (Want to see how a cover goes from concept to final? Click here.)

To view enlarged images, right click the image to view it in a new tab. Cover voting will close at noon EST on Wednesday, July 11.


Blue Cover

This cover shows a sassy side of Mia and uses the bright colors to pop. Her personality-filled expression may be thinking up a plan...

For final: The hand-drawn type will be refined.


Laughing Cover

Mia shows her sweetness with a laugh and invites readers to pick up the book because of the cover's infectious joy. The lavender background and blue dress create a simple but colorful and feminine atmosphere.

For final: The hand-drawn type will be refined.


Movement Cover

By catching Mia as she moves and looks playfully off to the side, the cover alludes to her fun and energy while hinting that her eyes may hold a secret. The hand lettering weaves around the figure to enhance the sense of motion.

For final: The hand-drawn type will be refined.

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