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The Joy(s) of Writing

I recently wrote about debut anxiety, which tends to focus on the negatives. This time I want to write about the joys of writing. Yes! Did you know writing can be FUN??? I know it’s difficult to remember the good things when you’re in the throes of your first draft or revisions, but I promise you there are some really beautiful and joyful things about writing.

1.) The joy of the spark: That first little inkling that comes to you. The initial spark of an idea, a baby idea that is, before you dive into the layers of it, and it grows into a fully formed one.

2.) The joy of discovery: The getting-to-know-you phase can be great in so many things. Friendships, romantic relationships, new jobs, and of course your manuscript. When you’re learning new things about your characters. Where their journey is going to take them. When the story starts to take shape and you can’t stop thinking about this book. It won’t let go of your heart.

3.) The joy of the romance: Give me all the romance! I love writing about that first look, touch, kiss between the romantic leads. It makes me all gushy and makes my heart fluttery.

4.) The joy of hitting the groove: Those heart-racing sessions where the words just flow from your fingertips. It’s magical and it feels like you can do anything! Write anything! Your confidence rises and you’re on top of the world!

Yes, writing is hard. Yes, writing can be painful. Yes, writing can be frustrating. But it can also be beautiful, fun, cathartic. Don’t forget to find the joy in the thing that you love. And if you can’t? Then it might be time to step away. And you’re ALLOWED to step away. Please, please remember to be kind to yourself.

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