January Manuscript Round-up

Hey Swoon Readers,

It’s your time to shine! Throughout the month of January, we are counting on you to read, rate, and comment like crazy, and help us find the best, most Swoonworthy titles for our first list! We love hearing from you and always read your comments first. And I know that the authors will find them valuable as well!

But, if you are like us, you might be a little overwhelmed at the amazing number of manuscripts that have been uploaded in the last couple of weeks. So, here’s a quick round-up of some new arrivals that haven’t had a lot of love yet:


In the mood for some Adventure?

Book CoverWhy not check out Matthew Koon’s Fateless?
A young man’s mother is killed by a demon. A passing girl witnesses the attack and saves his life.

Rather explore a dystopia? How about Hunted by Jessica Martin?
Layla has an adventure through a world she barely knows, falling for a guy she doesn’t want to love.

Perhaps a military story like The Captain’s Bride by Erin Reilly?
The story of love strong enough to carry two people through Hell and back.Book Cover

Maybe a touch of mystery or suspense? Something like John MacAndrew’s Posse Junction
After rescuing a girl in a cornfield a romance ensues but is threatened by a brutal young biker.


Contemporary more your style?

Book CoverLoralee Abercrombie promises a New Adult Interracial Romance in What Brings Me To You.

Or why not head back to school with Leah Pawley’s Dark Admirer?
Christina falls for her secret admirer, but their secret love is threatened by their secret pasts…

Rather escape the winter cold with a summer read? You could try Miles To Go by Maris Kanter.
When traveling cross country with the ex-best friend & current best friend, nothing goes as planned.


Want a little bit of Inspiration?Book Cover

Maybe Cecilie Thystrup’s Fractured would work.
After being kidnapped and abused, the last thing Hailey needs is another boy in her life.


Or maybe you prefer a touch of Paranormal to your romance.

Book CoverIn S.J. Hayslett’s Apollyon:
With the help of Troy, Cassie finds out just how powerful she is as the Greek God Apollo.

While Living Rough by Chris Beebe is set in a future time when global warming has forced the US into martial law.

If you are looking for Fantasy, you might check out The Beast Within by Azura S.
A princess & a wizard meet in a dungeon, in a magic-banned world, to save the kingdom and themselves.

Or maybe Holliday Halloran’s The Mark of the Faery’s Kiss?
Lost at birth, a young woman finds her way back to her Faerie family and wins love along the way.

Book CoverRather look to the stars? In Talyis Ellison’s A Wider Sky: An alien species has taken over the world. Will love and honor triumph over discrimination?


And if you are looking for something completely different, you can always check out our Other category, for authors who feel their manuscript just doesn’t fit into any genre.

Whatever you are in the mood for, we wish you luck in finding something that will make you Swoon!


**And, as always, please remember that we haven’t read all these manuscripts yet either, so don’t take this as an endorsement!**

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