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The day has finally come, Swooners! Not Another Love Song by Olivia Wildenstein is hitting shelves TODAY!!! Dive into the glitz and glamor (and romance) of the world of music!

Not Another Love Song

Angie gets thrown into the deep end of the music industry and goes head to head with a sexy new boy.

High school senior Angie isn’t usually a secretive person, but when her idol launches a songwriting competition which her mother forbids her from entering, Angie decides to do it anyway. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... possibly her lucky break into the music industry.

When Angie meets Nevada, who has an extraordinary voice, she’s convinced that they’ll win if they work together. But Tennessee, Nevada’s older brother, is wary of Nevada’s friendship with Angie—especially when he learns about the contest.

Can Angie convince Tennessee that she’s interested in his family for the right reasons—or will her dream of becoming a songwriter crumble before her eyes?

What people are saying about Not Another Love Song:

"A sweet and heartwarming story of finding first love and chasing your dreams." —We Live and Breathe Books

"If you like YA Contemporary, ambitious [main characters], secrets, and fun fast paced stories, then this is the book for you! ... Olivia is such a great writer who’s able to hook you into stories almost instantly." —Lala's Book Reviews

"I could not have chosen a more perfect book to lose myself in for a day. This was a sweet, fun, and completely heartwarming story." —Novel Nerd Faction

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