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Consider your ticket back to the magical town of Grimbaud punched, because Love Charms and Other Catastrophes is finally out in the world today! Don't miss the charming (ha!) and witty sequel to Love Fortunes and Other Disasters by the one and only Kimberly Karalius!

What people are saying about Love Charms and Other Catastrophes:

"Karalius provides a unique fantasy that combines elements of romance, mystery, and family drama." —School Library Journal

"A lot of the time when I'm deciding on a rating I hesitate on whether to give a book 5 stars, but with this book there was simply no doubt. I knew the second I'd finished the last page that Grimbaud and all it's citizens had earned a place in my heart." —QuartzFeather

"A fun read that absolutely lives up to the first book. I only hope there's more to come." —The Reading Nook

"If you liked Love Fortunes and Other Disasters you are going to love Love Charms and Other Catastrophes. It is every bit as fun and magical as the first book. I am completely loving this series. I hope I get to visit the town of Grimbaud many more times. This series is winner." —Book Briefs

Pick up your copy today! In case you missed it, Love Fortunes and Other Disasters is available to buy, and don't miss the FREE e-novella, First Kisses and Other Misfortunes, available to read now on Swoon Reads!

We'll see you in Grimbaud. Save us a waffle!

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