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The day has finally come, Swooners! If It Makes You Happy by Claire Kann is hitting shelves TODAY!!! (And don't forget to also pick up Claire's first book, Let's Talk About Love, now available in paperback!) Don't miss this coming-of-age novel about a queer Black girl learning to embrace her cultural and sexual identity, brought to life by Claire's signature honest and funny voice.

Can Winnie balance the title of Summer Queen with her friendships and a new romance?

Winnie is living her best fat girl life and is on her way to the best place on earth. No, not Disneyland—her Granny’s diner, Goldeen’s, in the small town of Misty Haven. While there, she works in her fabulous 50’s inspired uniform, twirling around the diner floor and earning an obscene amount of tips. With her family and ungirlfriend at her side, she has everything she needs for one last perfect summer before starting college in the fall.

…until she becomes Misty Haven’s Summer Queen in a highly anticipated matchmaking tradition that she wants absolutely nothing to do with.

Newly crowned, Winnie is forced to take center stage in photoshoots and a never-ending list of community royal engagements. Almost immediately, she discovers that she’s deathly afraid of it all: the spotlight, the obligations, and the way her Merry Haven Summer King, wears his heart, humor, and honesty on his sleeve.

Stripped of Goldeen’s protective bubble, to salvage her summer Winnie must conquer her fears, defy expectations, and be the best Winnie she knows she can be—regardless of what anyone else thinks of her.

What people are saying about If It Makes You Happy:

"A body-positive Gilmore Girls." —PopSugar

"Kann’s beautiful sophomore novel is a model for intersectional inclusion done right, exploring and questioning the social labels we place on ourselves and others. With visibility and love given to the asexual community, this character-driven story of a queer, fat Black girl will help fill an unfortunate hole on our bookshelves." —Booklist

"Winnie is a protagonist that is not only Black, but she’s also representing size diversity in a genre that desperately needs it. ... I think If It Makes You Happy is going to be a safe space for a lot of people, not just teens." —Refinery29

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