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The day has finally come, Swooners! The Good for Nothings by Danielle Banas is hitting shelves TODAY!!! If you watched Guardians of the Galaxy and thought, "I love this but I wish the heroes were even bigger disasters," then this is the perfect read for you!

The Good for Nothings

They’re only good at being bad.

Cora Saros is trying her best to join the family business of theft and intergalactic smuggling. Unfortunately, she's a total disaster. After landing herself in prison following a heist gone wrong, she strikes a bargain with the warden: He'll expunge her record if she brings back a long-lost treasure rumored to grant immortality.

Cora is skeptical, but with no other way out, she assembles a crew from her cellmates—a disgraced warrior from an alien planet; a pirate who claims to have the largest ship in the galaxy; and a glitch-prone robot with a penchant for baking—and takes off after the fabled prize.

But they soon discover that not only is the too-good-to-be-true treasure real, but they're also not the only ones on the hunt for it. And it's definitely a prize worth killing for.

What people are saying about The Good for Nothings:

"With this star-hopping romp, Banas pits her eclectic band of larceny-minded misfits against a hostile universe, forcing them to come together as a makeshift family. ... The quirky characters, who are fleshed out by attributes such as tough Anders’s constant flight sickness and Elio’s insistence on a favorite food despite his inability to eat, share an endearing earnestness. A fun, galaxy-spanning treasure hunt with plenty of action and heart." —Publishers Weekly

"This was a very entertaining read! A group of ragtag thieves, a warrior, a human, an elf-like thief, and a bot that likes baking but can't eat join together in a space adventure in search of a lost artifact. I loved the premise and I couldn't stop laughing." —Milky Way of Books

"There are so many aspects of the book that I adored, including heists and a misfit group of criminals, and the tone of the book is so fun. I would definitely recommend this to those looking for a quirky and original read. ... This book is very fast-paced, and it will both put a smile on the reader’s face and leave them on the edge of their seat." —The Candid Cover

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