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The day has finally come, Swooners! All Our Worst Ideas by Vicky Skinner is hitting shelves TODAY!!! If you're in the mood for an opposites-attract contemporary romance, then here's a new book to add to your TBR!

All Our Worst Ideas

She had everything planned out, but she didn't see him coming.

When Amy, on her way to becoming valedictorian of her graduating class and getting accepted to her dream school, gets dumped by her long-term boyfriend, she takes a job at a record store to ease the pain. She needs a distraction, badly.

Oliver, Amy’s record store co-worker, isn’t so sure about Amy—his complete opposite—but what he is sure of is his decision not to go to college. He just can’t figure out how to tell his mother.

As they work late-night shifts at the record store, Amy and Oliver become friends and then confidantes and then something more, but when Amy has a hard time letting go of what she thought was her perfect future with her ex, she risks losing the future she didn’t even know she wanted with Oliver.

What people are saying about All Our Worst Ideas:

"A contemporary love story that goes deeper than most, exposing teen angst in its many hiding places with believable characters and situations. Recommended for all collections." —School Library Journal

"Touching on topics about following your dreams and dealing with family issues, All Our Worst Ideas is a sweet mature YA contemporary romance. ... All about the power of love, finding the “one” and being in a supportive relationship that extends past the end of high school." —Madison's Library

"A really fun read because the characters all had depth. ... This book makes me realize the importance of not judging people based on initial impressions. I really can’t say more without spoiling but I loved that I couldn’t predict what was going to happen." —Read Write Love 28

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