Help Us Build the Ultimate YA Love Story: Round 2!

Our first round was fraught with stunning defeats and photo finishes!

In the “Protagonist” category, the character developing strange new powers dealt a resounding blow to the character who is obliviously half-angel by the widest margin of the whole competition, 81-13! (Personally, we think the pyrokinesis had something to do with it.)

And in another exciting matchup, in the “Love Interest” category, the battle between the misunderstood loner and the childhood-BFF-turned-hottie went into sudden-death double-overtime, with the latter just barely sneaking by with an 8-point victory.

Now that all the votes are in and the blood, sweat, and tears have been hosed off the battlefield, it’s time for Round 2!

Take a look to see who’s moving on to The Swoon 16:

Swoon Brackets 2


Same rules as before, Swooners! Just scroll down to cast your vote and bring us one step closer to crowning The Ultimate YA Love Story!


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