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Four Reads to Cool You Off This Summer

Whether you're on a beach or passing the time in a nice, air-conditioned library or coffee shop, these books will help keep you cool.

six of crowsSix of Crows

OKAY I ADMIT IT, I’LL TAKE ANY EXCUSE TO BRAG THIS BOOK. Buuuuut in my defense there is an ice fortress involved. And any time of the year is a good time to read Leigh Bardugo. And let’s not forget the arctic temperature of Kaz Brekker’s wrath.

(Psssst. Crooked Kingdom goes on sale Sept. 27. So if you start now you won’t have to wait long for the sequel.)

syrena legacyThe Syrena Legacy

Is anywhere better than the ocean for escaping the heat? You’ll dive in for a world of mermaids and intrigue, but fair warning: the romance between Emma and Galen gets pretty steamy...


Or if you’re in the mood for love that’s of a darker shade, a chilling mystery lies at the heart of the seven, intertwining stories in Midwinterblood, all set on a remote Scandinavian island called “Blessed.”

bndThe Boy Next Door

We weren’t about to leave out one of our very own SWOON titles. Maddy and Gabe are a match made in heaven... or at least on the ice. Maddy’s been in love with Gabe forever, but he doesn’t want to ruin their chemistry... as ice skating partners. Will they ever become more than that?

What are some of your favorite summer cool-down reads, Swooners?

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