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FLINT FLARE FLAME Has a Hot New Title!

Some writers are extremely talented at crafting stunning titles for their books.

I am not one of them.

To be honest, sometimes I’d rather write a whole new book than title one. I will wear out my brain trying to dream up something clever and catchy, but I’m rarely satisfied by the result.

So it wasn’t a huge shock when, during my first phone call with my editor Emily Settle, she mentioned Swoon Reads would be changing the title of Flint Flare Flame. “It’s kind of a tongue-twister,” she said.

She wasn't wrong.

“Please,” I told her. “Please, please come up with a better title than I did.”

And she absolutely came through. While I worked on edits, Emily asked what I thought of changing the title to…

We Are the Fire

I. Loved. It!! That’s exactly the kind of title I’d been looking for the whole time I’d been drafting and revising. Strong, to-the-point, and unapologetically fierce. “It was partially inspired by the song ‘Missile’ by Dorothy,” Emily told me, “which IMHO would make an absolutely rad theme song for your book.”

Folks, this is why you have a smart editor.

Don’t forget to add We Are the Fire on Goodreads!

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