Meet the Author of PRISONER OF GLASS, Chani Lynn Feener!

Meet the first of four wonderful new authors joining the Swoon Reads family, Chani Lynn Feener! We were swept away by her otherworldly tale of an ordinary teenage girl who is mistakenly kidnapped and then forced to impersonate an alien princess in Prisoner of Glass. This heady mix of action and romance (TWO SEXY ALIENS!!!) will leave you swooning right along with us.

What inspired you to write Prisoner of Glass?

Ancient Aliens. The only other attempt I’ve ever made at writing sci-fi, I gave up on one hundred pages in, so I had no intentions of trying again. But then one night my family was watching the show Ancient Aliens, and I got really invested in the episode. I kept wondering how the people in it would react if they came face to face with an alien, given how strongly they already believed in their existence. That’s how Delaney came into being, a girl who’s known for years that aliens exist, but who’s distanced herself from them. Other than that, all I knew was I had two warring peoples on a planet galaxies away from our own, and somehow, she was going to get caught in the middle of it. The story sort of just wrote itself from there.

What is your favorite moment in the book?

My favorite moment is probably the scene from the beginning where Ruckus finally realizes Delaney is telling the truth and he’s just kidnapped the wrong person. I like it because we immediately get to see the dual sides of their personalities. She’s terrified but still strong-willed, and he’s putting on a tough guy front but then immediately morphs into sweet and protective. I think it sets up their characters for the rest of the book, showing how they’re both able to compartmentalize and be rational in the middle of hard situations. And then they’re immediately forced to rely on one another after that, which spearheads the type of relationship they’ll have later on in the book.

Would you wear a fitting telepathy device? And if so, who would you want to be able to connect with mentally?

I would definitely wear one! I think being able to have a private conversation in a crowded room would be awesome. I’d want to be able to connect with my two best friends, Josie and Jon, obviously, but then also my younger brother. He and I can already have a silent conversation with subtle facial expressions, so I think actually being able to have full blown conversations mentally would be great.

Who would play your characters in a movie?

This is tough, but I could see something like:

Emma Stone as Delaney

Luke Mitchell as Ruckus

Chris Zylka as Trystan

Eiza Gonzalez as Olena

What makes you swoon?

I generally swoon at the small, almost absent, stuff. I’m not really into grand romantic gestures. On the show One Tree Hill, one of the characters, Nathan, gets a plastic bracelet in his cracker jacks and ends up giving it to another character, Haley. This is before they start dating, and the bracelet pops up during other seasons of the show. I definitely swooned during that, because it took something mediocre and turned it into something valuable, and I’m sure he wasn’t thinking at the time, “Hey, this cheap plastic bracelet will be the catalyst for our entire relationship”, which is what really makes it so sweet. So stuff like that, and coffee. People bribe me with caffeine a lot. 

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