Five Signs You’re the Book Lover in Your Friend Group

Do your friends know not to talk to you when you have a book in your hand? Do you get bombarded with texts and e-mails from your friends any time there’s big news in the book world? Here are five signs you’re the book lover in your friend group:

1. You’ve been known to engage in long/aggressive debates about which house/faction you and your friends are in.

2. You are by far the easiest person in your friend group to get gifts for.

3. Your friends exclusively set you up on dates with bookworms — because they know if he doesn’t read, that’s a major dealbreaker.

4. You strategically plan brunches and shopping trips around hitting up your favorite bookstores. At this point, your friends know that when you say, “Let’s go shopping!” you really mean, “Let’s go spend two to three hours wandering through the stacks!”

5. Anytime one of your friends needs a book recommendation, you’re the one they text. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chances are if you’re a huge book lover, your friends are too! And believe me, every bookworm needs bookworm friends — whether you’re suffering through a book hangover, or swooning over your newest book boyfriend — it’s so much more fun to have someone to fangirl with.

How do you know you’re the biggest book lover in your friend group? Share in the comments!

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