February Manuscript Round-up

Even though the deadline for ratings and comments has passed, we still need your help finding the best Swoonworthy titles for our second book list!

We have more manuscripts on the site than ever, and lots of really great reviews and ratings. However, with so much content to choose from, there are several submissions that haven’t had a lot of love. Here is a quick round-up of some titles you may have overlooked—who knows, one of them may be the most Swoonworthy yet!


Enamored by Claudia Shafer

Nothing prepares you for a psychotic ex-girlfriend with a gun.

I Pronounce You Princess by Marshanna Sharper

The story follows a slave girl as several events lead her to become a princess of the land.


The Art of Spontaneity.jpgStar Struck by jessica

Dani knew that she was still broken from Nate… but could Tristan show her what love really was?

Metanoia by S.E. Hammett

Tragedy brought Annabel home, love will keep her there.

The Art of Spontaneity by natmarie

Drowning in secrets and lies, Callie runs to her best friend, Luke. Is he too late to help her?

The Hurricane by Jennifer A. DiGiovanni

An act of nature helps Becca discover that her feelings for Travis go beyond friendship.

Kill this loveParanormal

Kill this Love by Molly Kruko Kawaguchi

Nolan Crown can ‘erase’ people out of history. Maddison Willows should have died, but she didn’t.

The Dark and Dying Places by Kaitlyn Joy O’Gara

A seventeen year old tries to save herself from the hell that lies beyond the mirror.

Broken by Lillian A. Hoffer

Ari felt normal until she discovered she was cursed by forbidden love to recycle through life.

Touch by Melinda Gray

Holly’s falling for Seth, and she thinks he’s falling, too. Too bad his touch could kill her.

And if you are looking for something completely different, you can always check out our Other category, for authors who feel their manuscript just doesn’t fit into any genre. Whatever you are in the mood for, we wish you luck in finding something that will make you Swoon!

**And, as always, please remember that we haven’t read all these manuscripts yet either, so don’t take this as an endorsement!**

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