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Editing: Even More of a Process Than You Might Expect

What’s that quote about writing being rewriting? I think some guy named Hemingway said it? Well, turns out it’s true. I know, I’m as shocked as you.

I knew going in that editing was going to be quite the process. I didn’t anticipate just how much of a process. Over the years I’ve had CPs and even agents read my work and give me feedback, which I have then applied to my manuscripts. These insights made my work stronger and made me ask myself important questions about my writing and the story I was trying to tell. However, getting insights from an editor, one who selected your book to be published, is quite different. Why? Because it’s literally their job! They know the market, they know what works, what doesn’t, they know what your strengths are and how to utilize them.


Getting notes back for my first round of edits was exciting and terrifying. I think all authors have this dream of an editor selecting their book and saying “Yes, this is PERFECT as is. NOTHING needs to change!” But, alas, it doesn’t work that way. After getting my first edit letter I took a few days to let everything settle. At first, I freaked out. I thought “I don’t know if I can do this!” but once I got over that initial shock, I realized that I could do it. I just needed a plan. I set up a call with my editors and we were able to go over the letter together, which helped A TON when it came to the game plan so to speak. And that was how it went with each round of edits.

Yeah, hey! Did you know sometimes you need more than one round of edits? But that’s okay, because after each round you’re getting closer and closer to the full potential of your novel. That’s what I found with my edits. Even though each round had its own set of challenges, I knew the pay off was worth it. I am proud of the work I put into it and the things I was able to learn during each one. I became a stronger writer, which is of course, my number one goal ALWAYS when it comes to my writing.

One of the things I appreciate about my team of editors was their willingness to give me time to process the edits and then talk them over with me (because communication is essential and so is being on the same page!). They also tried to provide me with enough time to properly execute those edits.

Even though If You Only Knew is a different book from what I first uploaded on the Swoon website, it’s also the same one. It’s still Tessa’s and Corey’s story. It still has my favorite moments, along with a few new ones, it’s still MY book. Editing isn’t always easy, it can be stressful and scary and overwhelming, but I’m so happy with the final version of my book. And I’m grateful for every single editor and intern at Swoon who has taken the time to read it and provide me feedback. I seriously couldn’t have made it this far without your support!

If You Only Knew goes on sale January 14, but it's available to preorder now! (And don't forget to add it to your Goodreads shelf!)

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