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Debut Anxiety Is Real

Debut anxiety is real. I wasn’t sure what to believe when authors on Twitter went on and on about it. I figured they were exaggerating. Boy was I wrong.

But it makes sense. Writing, we’re told, is a solitary experience. Whether you’re working on a first draft, revisions, edits, or pass pages, it’s usually done from the comfort of your home or favorite coffee shop. Or maybe your car if you’re anything like me. Now, try to imagine going from that to suddenly thousands of people have access to your book. Terrifying, right?!

Of course all of us are going to be anxious. It makes perfect sense!

It doesn’t help that debut year is full of so many highs and lows. The high of holding your ARCs, or final copies! The low of receiving your first bad review. The high of making it onto a most anticipated list! The low of not making it onto any most anticipated lists. The high of selling your next project! The low of possibly not selling it.

Then there’s marketing. Woof. You’re constantly trying to keep up with everyone else. Coming up with creative ideas to engage readers and get them interested in your book.

There are so many factors taking place at the same time, creating the perfect storm known as debut anxiety. Not all of them are pretty. But here is the thing: You wrote a book! I wrote a book! And no matter how scary it is to face all the unknowns and negatives, no one can take that away from me.

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