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Cover Design: Finding the Perfect Font

When designing a book jacket or interior text elements, it’s essential to find the perfect font to compliment a story. It can also be very tricky. Technology is amazing because we have a seemingly endless number of resources and fonts to choose from. It also means it can take a VERY LONG time to narrow down our available font choices. To make it easier for myself, I like to think that each font has their own unique personality. That way, choosing a font is kind of like sending your manuscript to star on a dating show. Sure, all these font options are beautiful and have admirable qualities we like by themselves, but it’s ALL about finding the font most compatible with your story. Here’s an easy way of looking at it:

Look at you! You’re a shiny new manuscript, and you’ve just been selected to be…


font post 1

Congratulations! You’re a contemporary, slice of life romance. You cover some serious issues, but still tend to keep things sweet and light. What you’re looking for is the perfect font for your moody drama, nail-biting romantic tension, and SWOONWORTHY romance! Let’s look at our eligible fonts… 

font post 2   

1. Option One likes to have fun! Their swirling curves and round edges scream “PARTY!” They’re a class clown, sure to bring a little silliness to any situation!

Ok, sure, you like fun… but you’re not really a “goofy” story. Why don’t we meet our other options…

font post 3

2. Option Two is dark and mysterious. You might even say they’re gothic. They’re brooding, serious, and maybe a little old-fashioned. They’re a little sharp on the edges but definitely understand drama.

 Ok, you’re a serious book. But this feels a little too old for our modern vibes. Why don’t we meet our final option….   

font post 4 

3. Font Three is a hand drawn font. They’re modern and flow-y, giving off some wildly romantic vibes! They’re serious, but still know how to keep things a little soft. (They like long walks on the beach and dogs. )

Wow, these are all great options to choose from, and each seems have their own personalities, but which one is going to fit best with us? ONE is fun, but you’re not a “goofy, silly” book. Option TWO is serious, and you’re definitely a serious book, but they’re a little TOO old-fashioned for your modern subject-matter. THREE seems modern,with a romantic twist! Which one do we choose?    

font post 5

We choose option 3! It’s girly and modern, romantic and sweet. EVERYTHING we want for this swoonworthy manuscript! Definitely a match made in heaven! 

font post 6

See? All fonts have their own unique personalities, and you might like the traits they each have, but it’s all about finding the perfect fit for your story! Hey, maybe our next big Swoon title will be about a font and a lonely manuscript falling in love? Wouldn’t that be something?!    

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