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Check Out the New Cover for THE GAME CAN'T LOVE YOU BACK by Karole Cozzo!

Since day one, Swoon Reads has definitely been a community. The feedback from its authors, readers, and visitors is critical to all aspects of Swoon decision-making, from which books get published, to how the site operates, and of course, to which cover concepts will be polished and perfected into final products that are totally Swoonworthy. This isn't lip service, folks—when we reviewed your responses to the original The Game Can't Love You Back cover options (thank you, sincerely, for the thought and honesty that went into them!), we took them to heart immediately. And we were challenged and inspired to make this cover the very best it could be. There was a cover shoot, the talent of two amazing models, the creativity and vision of a photographer and cover designer, and now we have an amazing final product I'm over the moon to reveal to you today. 

So without further delay...

game can't love you back cover

There's so much to love about this image, it took me a few passes to appreciate all the details and intricacies that make it phenomenal. First off, I love the balance of romance and baseball. It's obvious much of this story will unfold on the playing field, but just look at that romantic tension between these two. You can tell just by looking it isn't going to be easy for them to get on the same page. Second, the models absolutely nailed the facial expressions for Eve and Jamie in the story. Eve is physically strong and mentally fierce, and "don't mess with me" is written all over her face. And that smirk from him totally captures Jamie's "bring it on, sweetheart" response to Eve's challenges, on the pitching mound and off. 

But my favorite part of this cover image? Even though this book is my first dual point of view novel, Eve is front and center. I mean, girlfriend is practically shoving him out of the frame. I think this was an awesome creative choice, and again, completely representative of the content of the book. This is the cover for this book. I'm thrilled about it, and am incredibly grateful for how far the talented and creative designers at Macmillan have brought the original ideas. I hope you feel the same, and that this amazing image makes you excited to read The Game Can't Love You Back in May 2018!

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