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Check out the final title and cover for Jessica Patrick's novel!

Hi everyone! Long time no talk! It seems like ages ago that Swoon announced that they plucked my manuscript, about a girl who runs into a rival YouTuber at a music festival, from the website and chose it for publication. I know we’ve all kind of lost sense of time these days, so maybe it was ages ago, maybe it was last week... who even knows anymore? But I do know that tons of work has been getting done behind the scenes to get this book ready to hit the shelves. I mean, I’ve certainly been working my booty off on revisions, and the Swoon team has been working their collective booties off, as well.

First of all, there’s a new title! I really liked my previous title, but the Swoon team wanted something that better captured the feeling of being at a music festival—that feeling of being away from real life for the weekend, almost like you’re in a different world. We brainstormed ideas back and forth, and we finally landed on:

This Is for Tonight

This new title is perfect because it really does capture that feeling of urgency that comes with being away and having new experiences, including meeting someone...someone who may be your worst enemy or may be something a little more interesting than that.

Secondly, we have a cover! 

This is for Tonight CV V5.jpg

When this cover hit my inbox, I think I actually screamed. I am heart-eye emoji over everything about it! The bright and joyful yellow into pink color scheme, the blurry title font, the confetti and bokeh that make it clear that fun is going to be had. And my girl Andi, front and center, looking like she’s ready to have the time of her life. 

I love that, just like the new title, this cover captures the excitement of a music festival and the freedom that comes with having life-changing experiences for the first time. Huge thanks to art director Mallory Grigg for absolutely nailing Andi and the vibe of her story. I hear live music and feel the sunshine on my shoulders when I look at this beautiful cover, and I hope you all love it, and the new title, as much as I do!

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