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Check out the final title and cover for Alexander Delacroix's debut!

Since the day my awesome editor, Emily, suggested a name change for The Impaler’s Shadow, it seems like a slow eternity has crawled by as I’ve waited for the official unveiling. That day has finally come, and I’m thrilled to announce the new and improved title:

Heart of the Impaler

I love the name change for a variety of reasons, not least of these is that the title hints at both the romantic desires and inner demons fueling young Vlad Dracula’s growing instability. Vlad’s closest friends, Andrei and Ilona, are caught in the vortex of his downward spiral, and, through their eyes, readers will glimpse the creeping darkness that transforms wisecracking Vlad into a bloodthirsty impaler prince.

Heart of the Impaler’s December 7, 2021 release will be an early Christmas present next year, but I unexpectedly received another exciting gift a few days ago. I literally got chills when I opened Emily’s email and saw Kathleen Breitenfeld’s darkly beautiful cover design.


Wow! What more can I say? I was hoping for something attention grabbing—something that, if I saw it in a bookstore, I would be compelled to stop in my tracks and pick it up. That’s exactly what I got. The contrasting light and dark colors are breathtaking. The dragon crest and shadowy door convey the novel’s brooding 15th century setting. The dragon image is also perfect because it symbolizes one of the most important events in House of Drăculești history. The drac in “Dracula” is the Romanian word for “dragon,” a title Vlad’s father proudly claimed after his induction into the Holy Roman Emperor’s Order of the Dragon. I can easily imagine Vlad wearing KB’s dragon crest as a ceremonial pin or carrying it into battle emblazoned on his shield.

Even KB’s tiniest cover details give me goosebumps. The eerie scrollwork in the background brings to mind moaning spirits—the tormented souls of an increasingly brutal Vlad Dracula’s victims. The rising flames convey the danger of Vlad’s volatile temper and are also representative of medieval Wallachia and Transylvania’s incendiary politics.

I’m thoroughly excited about Impaler’s new title and its mesmerizing cover and can’t wait to see the finished novel when it finally hits bookstore shelves! I hope you’re looking forward to it, too.

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