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Check out the final cover for IF YOU ONLY KNEW by Prerna Pickett!

This is what I wrote about the Flames comp for cover voting for If You Only Knew:

Corey is spray painting flames on Tessa's dad's car the first time we meet him, so of course I had to put flames on one of the covers. This love story is star-crossed, so it's only appropriate that the kissing couple is being overtaken by the fire.

For final: I'd hire an artist to re-draw everything and letter the title in one style so it all fits together and flows.

I was delighted that Flames won the vote, and I immediately thought of Kasi Turpin to illustrate the final cover. Kasi's lettering is fun and inventive, she works in a gorgeous range of styles, and she has some seriously sweet couples in her portfolio. I was thrilled when Kasi said yes to taking on If You Only Knew.

Kasi was kind enough to write a little about the about the process from her perspective:

Working on the cover If You Only Knew was an absolute pleasure. Given a clear vision and incredible direction, I was happy that my lettering and illustration skills could be used to bring this idea to life.

For most illustrative work I have been exploring lately, I typically produce it using iPad and the app called Procreate. My favorite tools to use for design are a simple pencil and paper so this allows me to have complete control, clean lines, colors, and ease of editing while still having the tactile feel of holding a pencil.

Rounds of edits were made to keep the lettering and illustrations cohesive, while adding some final touches in photoshop. Can't wait to see this hit the shelves!


I totally agree, Kasi! I can't wait to see If You Only Knew on shelves!

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