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Check Out the Final Cover for CAROLS AND CHAOS by Cindy Anstey!

One of my favorite aspects of being an author is watching my manuscript transform into a book. It is a slow process, with revisions, corrections and copyedits. Still, every step takes me closer and closer to the final product—to my book. What could be better than seeing my book summarized on the cover—an artistic rendition of atmosphere, plot and characters? Fabulous! I love cover reveals!

And so without further ado, I present you with the amazing cover of my fourth Regency mystery-romance, Carols and Chaos.

C&C cover

It will come as no surprise that Carols and Chaos takes place during the Christmas Season. The bright red background screams "Yuletide," not to mention the horse-drawn sleigh, bells and mistletoe. Designers Rich Deas and KB have done a fantastic job of tying the Carols and Chaos cover to that of Suitors and Sabotage. The similar style tells the readers that Carols and Chaos brings in characters from S&S.

This time, however, the narrative focuses on the comings and goings of the staff at the Beeswanger country estate, leaving the family in the background. It is a hectic time of the year, particularly for Kate Darby. As a lady’s maid, Kate is kept more than a little busy caring for her young ladies, but she must also deal with a demanding mother while saving to buy a dress shop. Fortunately, Matt Harlow, visiting valet, keeps her thoroughly distracted with his compliments and bright smiles… until one of the footmen disappears. Now, Kate and Matt must find the footman quietly before the family notices his absence. It is a mission destined to propel them into peril... and each another’s arms.

Carols and Chaos is, as the cover illustrates, a story of Christmas and love where mystery and deception abound.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Cindy Anstey

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