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For Book Devotees: 8 Steps of Migrating to NYC (Regretting It Isn't One of Them)

I’m from the West Coast. California, to be exact. I grew up worshipping Lauren Conrad, shipping Seth and Summer, and salivating over the Academy Awards—year after sunny year.

For a human, living beachside in SoCal is the ideal life and climate. However, for a human who specifically seeks a career in book publishing—an industry whose U.S. capital is 3,000 miles away—it’s a challenge.

I decided to take the plunge and blindly move to New York City—a place I’d literally only ever seen on screen—for an unpaid internship in 2011. Crazy, right? My inner circle thought so. But fast-forward a few years and I’m pretty much living my dream, surrounded by bookish companions, working with outstanding authors, and supporting titles that break every mold.

Swooners, if this is you—I 100% encourage transplanting to the Big Apple. Below, I’m breaking down my timeline of career jumping (in GIFs, because of course), in hopes it’ll inspire you to do the same.

1. Went to college and realized that the only classes I cared about were literature and writing.

scrubs gif

2. Realized that NYC is the Promised Land for publishing and suddenly became twitchy with excitement.

enchanted gif

3. Got an internship in NYC, moved there, and realized how remarkable Manhattan actually is.

wizard of oz gif

4. Moved home post-internship because Manhattan is unlivable without a salary.

dumbledore gid

5. Got a different publishing job in LA, but kept missing my first love, NYC.

lauren conrad gif

6. Decided that YOLO, so I’m moving back to NYC if it’s the last thing I do!

stranger things gif

7. Got a new job offer in NYC, so quickly downsized everything I owned into three suitcases.

north west gif

8. Basked in the glory of publishing life in book country, because there’s nothing else like it—and no place I’d rather be.

peanuts gif

Now tell me Swooners, are you planning to work in book publishing? Would you consider a move out East?

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