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“THE BOOK IS BETTER!” And Other Things that Readers Yell During Movie Adaptations

Let’s set the stage for a minute. You read a book. You love this book. You read it over and over and over again until the pages start to fall apart. You give the book to your friends. You give the book to your parents. You make your cat read the book (first you have to teach your cat to read, which is a time commitment but ultimately worth it).

And then the book is made into a movie! Hurrah! Now you get to enjoy the book while enjoying popcorn and hanging out with your friends.

But wait.

This isn’t the book.

This is some weird, Hollywood version of the book. AND THEY DIDN’T GET IT RIGHT. Even if this book is made into a great movie, it’s NOT THE SAME AS THE BOOK.

We’ve all been there. Here are the four things that readers yell at the screen during the movie adaptation of their favorite book.


Books are just superior to pretty much anything else, so it’s almost impossible to top your favorite book when it appears in movie form. On top of that, books let you imagine the world you’re reading about in your own way, and movies take that imagination away and replace it with a cute actor and an expensive set. It’s hard to top the most perfect form of entertainment, so you’ll definitely find us yelling this one at every movie adaptation.

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Admit it—you’ve spent countless hours picturing what your book boyfriend or book girlfriend would like on the screen. And then the movie comes out. And the person who you were CONVINCED was 6 feet tall is actually 5 foot 3. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with 5’3” (the person writing this blog post may be 5’3”). But the character in your head was 6’! It’s tough to see characters brought to life on the screen, especially if your image of them is really different from the characters who are cast.


When screenwriters adapt books for the screen, we all know they have to make important decisions about what to cut and what to highlight from the book they’re adapating. They can’t just turn in the book itself and tell the director, “Ok, we’re using every word.” BUT! How frustrating is it when a super-small detail of a book becomes the most pivotal scene of a movie—OR when a really really really crucial scene of a book is cut from the movie? It’s. The. Worst.

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Ok, we all get it. Hollywood is different from the world of book publishing (but we maintain that publishing is JUST as glamorous!). But c’mon, HOLLYWOOD. It drives us crazy when you end the film version our favorite book on a totally different note than the book. Crazy cliffhangers! Splitting one book into two books (you know who you are!). Giving the characters happy endings when they actually end up miserable! There’s nothing worse than loving a book’s ending and seeing it butchered on the big screen.

What makes you crazy when you see the movie adaptation of your favorite book?

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