Behind the Scenes: The cover meeting for A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT

Voting on the cover direction for A Little Something Different is now closed. Thank you all for letting us know what made you swoon!

Now that everyone has weighed in, the designer is now ready to start tweaking and refining the cover direction you chose. Check back on March 31st to see the final cover!

In the meantime, we thought you might like to see how we chose our five cover options with some video clips from the original A Little Something Different cover meeting.

First Jean introduced the book, and gave a quick description its feel for anyone who hadn’t read it yet, and our art director Rich D. explained how the process for this title is a little bit different.

Then we got some initial reactions from Sales:



But, that sentiment, while lovely, wasn’t incredibly helpful, so Jean asked us to start focusing in on individual approaches:



Sometimes people would raise concerns:



And Rich would come up with ways that designers could address them:



Occasionally people would be drawn to the image on one approach and the type on another:



And gradually we managed to narrow down the choices, often by comparing them to other things in the market that worked (or didn’t):



Until finally, Jean was able to ask the most important question:


And of course, the answer was “yes”, so the meeting ended, and the designers tweaked their various covers into the revised versions we presented to you!

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