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Announcing YOU WON'T KNOW I'M GONE by Kristen Orlando!

2017 has been both an insanely hectic and wonderful year for me! You Don't Know My Name hit store shelves in January, I had a baby (an adorable little girl named Samantha Rose) at the end of February, I did final edits for the second book in the Black Angel Chronicles series in March and April (Thanks to the amazing Swoon team for the extra time. Birthing a human really takes it out of you.), started plotting Book 3 in May and began writing it in June. So much exciting stuff! My current state is somewhere between happy dancing...

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And fall-on-your-face exhaustion.

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Thank goodness for caffeine, right? 

One of things I’m most excited about is the cover for the second book in the series: You Won't Know I'm Gone. You guys… the moment I saw it in my inbox… I gasped with delight and almost started crying because it’s just THAT gorgeous. 

So without further ado… the stunning cover for You Won't Know I'm Gone.

YWKIG cover

Amazing, right? Did you hear Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” playing in the background when you saw it? No? Just me? 

I’m so OBSESSED and in so LOVE with this cover.

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It’s such a beautiful work of art. Rich Deas (the super talented cover designer at Swoon) did an amazing job of capturing the emotion of the second book. You Don't Know My Name has such a tragic ending (I’ll try not to spoil it for any of you who have it on your summer TBR list!) and Book 2 is both heartbreaking and suspenseful. I think that’s perfectly reflected in the starry sky, Reagan’s profile and the sinister figure lurking in the shadow.

Here’s a little summary of the next book (again… without spoilers!):

After defying orders and sneaking her way onto a mission to save her kidnapped parents, Reagan Hillis has lost her automatic bid into the Black Angels’ prestigious Training Academy. Now, she must join 23 other teen spies-in-training at Qualifiers. With so much talent and competition, making the cut and fighting her way onto one of the Black Angels’ elite teams won’t be easy. But Reagan doesn’t just want to get in. She must get in to exact revenge on Santino Torres, a former Black Angel turned malicious killer who has turned her world upside down.


I sure hope so! You Won't Know I'm Gone comes out in January. Thank you so much to all the readers who have read and enjoyed You Don't Know My Name. I love hearing from you and I cannot wait for you all to see what happens next to Reagan Elizabeth Hillis. Being able to create stories that you enjoy is a dream come true and I’m so grateful!

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