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Announcing WE ARE THE GHOSTS by Vicky Skinner!

Good day, Swoony people! If you haven’t been counting like I have, How to Breathe Underwater comes out in 22 days! I’m not freaking out AT ALL! *breathes into paper sack*

But I’m not here to talk about How to Breathe Underwater! I’m here to talk about my new book, We Are the Ghosts!!!

We Are the Ghosts is about Ellie, a girl whose brother, Luke, dies in a car accident just before she starts her senior year. But the truth that no one ever seems to want to talk about is the one where Luke vanishes in the middle of the night almost a year before his death.

But Ellie hasn’t forgotten. Her life hasn’t been the same since her big brother walked out of it, and when the opportunity presents itself for her to follow in his footsteps, to travel the road he traveled in the year that he’s been gone, she packs her bags and hits the road, taking along with her Luke’s best friend, his ex-girlfriend, and Cade, the boy who Ellie can’t seem to stop thinking about.

On the road, Ellie discovers herself, the friends she didn’t know she had, and the brother she thought she knew.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this book! This is a story that is exceptionally personal for me, and working on it has been an insane emotional roller coaster, but I’m so pleased to finally be sharing it with the world! It’s come a long way, and it still has a long way to go, but I can’t wait to introduce everyone to Ellie, Cade, Gwen, Wes, and Luke next summer!

Come back tomorrow at noon for cover voting!

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