princess karoleEvery girl has imagined what it’s like to play a princess at one of the most popular theme park in the world, right? (looks left…looks right) I mean… it’s not just me, right? 

There’s something about the idea of embodying one of those iconic fairy tale princesses that makes it seems like fun more than work. And after initially meeting fellow Swoon author Kim Karalius at Disney World and exchanging theme-park related interview questions such as, “What part of the park would make the best setting for a book?”, the idea to actually make it happen started brewing at once. A fairy tale theme park… chock full of princesses and real-life Prince Charmings—to me, it seemed like the perfect recipe for a romance novel. 

And now, a couple years later, I’m pleased to officially announce my third Swoon Reads novel—The Truth About Happily Ever After!

Alyssa Callahan, Cinderella at the Enchanted Dominion, is all about the princess life. She wears her tiara when cleaning the bathroom. She believes that being a princess is about more than wearing a pretty dress and smiling—it’s about behaving with grace, and kindness, and giving others a hand up when they’re down. And most of all, Alyssa believes in happily ever after. So when her relationship with Jake, her real life Prince Charming, goes south, Alyssa is committed to doing everything in her power to save it. After all, fairy tales are only real if you keep on believing in them.

But when life douses Alyssa with a cold dose of reality and crushes her dreams for a future that ends with “and they lived happily ever after,” she’s forced to reconsider everything she believes about friendship and love. And now that it’s Alyssa’s turn to need a hand up, her friend Miller Austin, energetic and lovable Kangzagoo the Kangaroo at the park, is there to help her to her feet. Miller doesn’t have the Prince pedigree, but over time, he shows Alyssa that she’s stronger and more resilient than she ever believed and perfect just as she is, princess or not. And maybe, once Alyssa’s willing to give up on the idea of her fairy tale, Miller will be the one to show her that sometimes you find your happily-ever-after where you least expected to. 

I can’t wait to share Alyssa’s journey with you, introduce you to the fabulous “Princess Posse” that supports her along the way, and of course… sigh… give you Miller. Talk about being swoonworthy without even trying!

Who's ready to be Enchanted and fall head over heels with Alyssa and Miller in May 2017?

Come back on Monday for cover voting!

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