Announcing THESE RUTHLESS DEEDS by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas!

Dearest Swooners,

It has been such a whirlwind of a year, and we could not be more thrilled to tell you that the second book in the These Vicious Masks trilogy is hitting shelves next year. Are you ready? 




these ruthless deeds

Ahhh! How beautiful is that? And yes, that is a dagger fan and no, we still cannot get over the gorgeous. We'd been dreaming about this cover for months and when we finally saw it, we couldn't believe how it was exactly what we wanted and more! 

It perfectly complements These Vicious Masks while ushering us forward a couple months to 1883 for These Ruthless Deeds, where we find Evelyn, still reeling from—SPOILER ALERT!!!—her sister's death, making a brilliant attempt to rescue a telekinetic girl from an asylum. Except it goes... badly. 

Even worse, she finds herself indebted to the very mysterious and possibly evil Society of Aberrations. While helping them by recruiting—and healing—she is also attempting to subtly uncover their secrets. With the return of Mr. Kent and Mr. Braddock and her parents' wish that she marry the suitor of their choice, Evelyn has quite a lot going on. You can expect more wit, kissing, chases, broody boys, and of course, super-powered people. 

We are so excited to share our second book with you. We've had such a wonderful year and a half as Swoon authors and are honored to continue working with such a great team. We hope you are as excited as we are for Evelyn's adventures in superpowers and romance to continue. 


Kelly and Tarun

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