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Announcing SWITCHBACK by Danika Stone!

From the beginning, publishing with Swoon has been an adventure. Like hiking, it’s had its ups and downs. From the start-of-day excitement of “we want to publish your book,” to the grueling stretches of editing when I struggled to write and rewrite and rewrite again… it’s true, not all of the publishing journey has been easy. There were moments when every step forward felt like it was followed by two steps back. But nothing compares to reaching that highest peak: the elation of seeing All the Feels and Internet Famous in bookstores around the world!

Today, I announce a NEW adventure: Switchback, my latest Swoon YA.

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When I saw the cover, I got goosebumps. There on my screen was an image that captured EXACTLY what I’d been trying to convey in text. The Swoon design team had included everything: From the footprint in the snow, to the jagged cliffs, to the image of two exhausted climbers, struggling to make their way up a terrifying mountainside. The cover has it all!

Switchback takes everything I adore about pop culture, geekdom and being a nerd… and turns it on its head! In this YA adventure, Vale, an aro-ace geek, and her best friend Ash, a hardcore gamer, are forced into a struggle for their lives. It’s equal parts funny and thrilling. A little bit scary (BEARS—yikes!), but utterly heart-warming. I can’t WAIT to share it with you!

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Here’s the synopsis:

Ashton Hamid knows everything about gaming. His D&D battles are epic; the video game tournaments he organizes, multi-day tests of endurance with players around the world. Real life, however, is a different matter. So when he and his best friend—outspoken "A" student (and social outcast) Vale Shumway—head out on a camping trip to Waterton Lakes National Park with their Phys. Ed. class, Ash figures it’ll be two days of bug bites, bad food, and inside jokes.

Instead, the two friends find themselves in a fight for survival.

An unexpected October snowstorm separates Ash and Vale from the rest of their class. By the time the teens realize they’ve missed the trail, they have wandered deep into the Canadian Rockies. Lost in the wilderness and hunted by deadly predators, their only hope is to work together. But with Vale’s limited supplies and Ash’s inexperience, can the best friends stay alive long enough to find their way back to civilization?

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I’ve always wanted to write an adventure story. Waterton Park is my home (and the setting of my Canadian mystery series!) I grew up hiking in the Rockies and my grandfather, Frank, was a trapper in the very mountains where Vale and Ash get lost. Given ALL of these connections, writing Switchback felt like coming home.

I know you are going to LOVE it!

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