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Announcing Our Twelfth List: NEVER ONCE by B.R. Myers, RECONNECTED by Catherine Tinker, and UNFINISHED by Samantha Hastings!

stelllaDear Swoon Readers,

What better way to start off 2018? We are incredibly excited to share with you the three new manuscripts that have been chosen for publication. As always, we could never have found these wonderful stories without all of your invaluable help. If you read, rated or commented on any of these manuscripts, YOU helped make this happen. Thank you, and we hope you love these new titles and authors as much as we do.

Congratulations to our three new authors, and welcome to the Swoon Reads family.


Jean Feiwel (and Stella)

Here they are! Swoon Reads Season 12:

Never Once cover not final.jpgNever Once by B.R. Myers

A tough, tech-savvy princess tries to flee an arranged marriage and ends up working with a snarky commoner to stop a rebel plot  in this gender-swapped sci-fi YA retelling of Cinderella. 

Why We Love It

• Banter! The chemistry between this rebellious princess and the gender-swapped Cinderella is off the charts. Their conversations had us in stitches. 

• We <3 fairytales. Not only did this book include a gender-swapped version of Cinderella, but we also found lots of other fairytale references (Tianna totally has Rapunzel hair!) and were swooning over the beautiful and unique legend created just for this world. 

• THAT TWIST! We aren't going to spoil it for you, but in a plot that starts off with a bang and never stops moving, there's one twist in particular that none of us could stop talking about.

Reconnected cover not final.jpgReconnected by Catherine Tinker

When Anne meets her former best friend in real life for the first time, she has to keep her identity secret, even as sparks being to fly. 

Why We Love It

• Two words: Male. Gymnasts. Our heart does somersaults along with the love interest, Freddy.

• We love stories about people trying to hide who they really are because it creates instant tension (hello, You've Got Mail!).

• Anne's meddling family members add a hefty dose of humor and heart to this story.

Unfinished cover not final.jpgUnfinished by Samantha Hastings

After her favorite author dies before finishing her novel, a young woman tries to track down the ending with the help of a childhood friend.

Why We Love It

• The banter between Lucinda and David is funny and totally swoonworthy!

• A beloved book left UNFINISHED?! *cue existential crisis* We can't help but root for Lucinda as she tries to discover how the story was supposed to end.

• Samantha did so much fantastic research that really brought Victorian England to life.

Congratulations B.R., Catherine and Samantha! And welcome to Swoon Reads!

Did you miss these manuscripts before they were chosen? No worries! We still want to hear your thoughts and ideas about what makes these stories great and what could make them even better. If you want to be a part of the editing process, please post your comments as soon as you can.

Read Month for Season 13 is still going on, so if you want to see your favorites on a list like this next season, keep those ratings and comments rolling in!

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