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Announcing Our Tenth List: SOUL SWEEPER by Devon Taylor, SCRATCH THAT by Tiana Smith, THE FINDING OF SECRETS by Dee Garretson, and THIS IS HOW WE FALL APART by Caitlin Lochner!

jean&stellaDear Readers,

This is our tenth season. Can you believe it? We have a truly exciting list to share with you. Once again we were blown away by the amazing manuscripts you shared with us. With ghost ships, WWI spies, magical matchmaking notebooks, and action packed fight scenes, there's something for everyone in our newest selections. 

Thank you for helping us find these new voices in YA, and congratulations to the newest additions to the Swoon Reads family.


Jean (And Stella)

Here they are! Swoon Reads Season 10:

Soul Sweeper cover not finalSoul Sweeper by Devon Taylor

In the afterlife, a boy is recruited to join the crew of a ghostly ship tasked with ferrying the souls of the dead and protecting them from terrible monsters bent on destruction.

Why We Love It

–The incredibly cool premise is like nothing we've ever seen before!

– Three words: GHOST. SHIP. BATTLE.

Scratch That cover not finalScratch That by Tiana Smith

When Mia's best friend leaves town and entrusts Mia with her magic matchmaking book, she finally has a chance to pair herself up with the boy of her dreams—with magical and hilarious consequences.

Why We Love It

– We love a great Shakespeare retelling, and Tiana turns A Midsummer Night's Dream on its head with this funny, modern interpretation. 

– Banter? Yes, please! The relationship between Mia and Logan, who works on the school newspaper, had us grinning from ear to ear on every page.

The Finding of Secrets cover not finalThe Finding of Secrets by Dee Garretson

In 1918 a young lady is pulled out of boarding school and into a secret wartime mission with a dashing young American spy.

Why We Love It

– We love the World War I backdrop and upstairs/downstairs dynamic that reminded us of Downton Abbey. 

– Adventure, romance (let's be honest, Lucas is HOT), and SPIES... What more could you want?! 

This Is How We Fall Apart cover not finalThis Is How We Fall Apart by Caitlin Lochner

Dark secrets and conflicting loyalties abound in this dystopic novel as four superpowered teens try to stop a war.

Why We Love It

– This one is stuffed with AMAZING action sequences featuring some very cool superpowers.

– The intricate relationships between the main characters will give you all the found-family feels!

Congratulations Devon, Tiana, Dee, and Caitlin! And welcome to Swoon Reads!

Did you miss these manuscripts before they were chosen? No worries! We still want to hear your thoughts and ideas about what makes these stories great and what could make them even better. If you want to be a part of the editing process, please post your comments as soon as you can.

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