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Announcing Our Ninth List: MEET ME IN OUTER SPACE by Melinda Grace, MEN IN TIGHTS by Danielle Banas, SURVIVING ADAM MEADE by Shannon Klare, and THE OFFERING by Jessika Fleck!

stelli pupDear Readers,

Hello Winter!  And Happy New Year Swoon Readers and Writers!

We're excited to share the newest manuscripts chosen for publication. I can't think of a fun-ner way to kick-off 2017. Once again you've helped us find the freshest new stories, and we were blown away by the talent of those who submitted. Thank you for helping us find the latest and greatest voices in YA fiction. 

Congratulations to our newest Swoon Reads authors and welcome to the Swoon Reads family. 


Jean Feiwel (and Stella)

Here they are! Swoon Reads Season 9:

meet me in outer space cover not finalMeet Me in Outer Space by Melinda Grace

Edie was managing her auditory processing disorder just fine until French 101. With the professor unwilling to hear her out, her only hope for passing may be Hudson, her class' annoyingly adorable TA...

Why We Love It

- Voice, voice and more voice. Edie is a strong female character who refuses to be defined by her disability.

- HUDSON! *melts into a puddle*

men in tights cover not finalMen in Tights by Danielle Banas

Despite not having superpowers of her own, Abby teams up with a so-called supervillain to save their city from an insidious plot.

Why We Love It

- We love this fresh new take on the superhero genre with a main character who kicks butt just fine WITHOUT powers, thank you very much.

- The humor in this one had us spewing coffee on our keyboards from Chapter 1!

surviving adam meade cover not finalSurviving Adam Meade by Shannon Klare

Senior year of high school isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you’re trying to survive Adam Meade. 

Why We Love It

- We have five words for you. Hot. Guys. In. Football. Pants. 

- We love seeing the sparks fly between Claire and Adam, two strong-willed characters. 

the offering cover not finalThe Offering by Jessika Fleck

When her world divides, Veda must fight against injustice—and the boy she loves.

Whey We Love It

- This gave us strong Hunger Games and Red Queen vibes while having a flavor all its own. 

- We love a great (and believable) love triangle, and this book really delivers! 

Congratulations Melinda, Danielle, Shannon, and Jessika! And welcome to Swoon Reads!

Did you miss these manuscripts before they were chosen? No worries! All four of these books will remain available to read on-site until they move further into the editing process. We still want to hear your thoughts and ideas about what makes these stories great and what could make them even better. If you want to be a part of the editing process, please post your comments as soon as you can.

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