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Announcing Our Eleventh List: BITTER BREWS by Lillie Vale, THE BIRDS, THE BEES, AND YOU AND ME by Olivia Hinebaugh, and REVERSE by Shana Silver!

stelllaaaa.jpgDear Swoon Readers,

No matter how many seasons go by, this never gets old. Every time we review a new crop of submissions, we are left in awe of the talent and originality you all present. We are very excited to share three new manuscripts that have been selected for publication. And thank YOU for helping us find them!

Congratulations to our three new authors, and welcome to the Swoon Reads family.


Jean Feiwel (and Stella)

Here they are! Swoon Reads Season 11:

BB cover not final.jpgBitter Brews by Lillie Vale

A young woman who works at a coffee shop falls for the new man who moves to her small coastal Maine town.

Why We Love It

• Location, location, location! Oar's Rest is an absolutely magical setting for this contemporary YA romance, and the main character, Babe, lives in a lighthouse. If that isn't #realestategoals, what is?! 

• Three cheers for strong female protagonists! We love a leading lady who knows what she wants, and Babe's drive and backbone make her a character you'll root for from page one.

TBTB&YM cover not final.jpgThe Birds, the Bees, and You and Me by Olivia Hinebaugh

A teen—who's never had sex herself—finds herself doling out sex advice to classmates in her small town.

Why We Love It

• We loved the sex positive message in this novel, especially when paired with a character who has never been kissed. 

• The relationships! Not just her romance, but also the closeness of her friend group and their family dynamics. (We particularly liked the chapter with the makeover scene and Evita's trying to hook Lacey up with the hot musician at her gig!)

Reverse cover not final.jpgReverse by Shana Silver

A teen girl who can hack into other students' memories is hacked in return.

Why We Love It

• We, like so many of our Swoon Readers, were blown away by this super awesome concept. The idea of hacking memories and then having your own hacked in return is just so clever and has so much depth. 

• This cool concept was also paired with an interesting mystery, a complex romance, and great use of science. Also, that backwards memory scene!!!!! 

Congratulations Lillie, Olivia, and Shana! And welcome to Swoon Reads!

Did you miss these manuscripts before they were chosen? No worries! We still want to hear your thoughts and ideas about what makes these stories great and what could make them even better. If you want to be a part of the editing process, please post your comments as soon as you can.

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