Announcing NO SECOND CHANCES by Kate Evangelista!

If you’ve already picked up a copy of No Holding Back then you’re already in on the secret. Actually, if you follow me on Instagram (@kateva11, if you haven’t yet) then you’re also in the know. I’m not very good at keeping secrets and it feels good to finally shout it from the rooftops: Jackson and Natasha get their own story!

Be ready for No Second Chances. The wonderful Swoon team and I have been working really hard to get this one just right. And I have to say that it is my favorite book of the trio. Just look at that cover!

No Second chances cover

In No Love Allowed, we attended amazing parties with Caleb and Didi. In No Holding Back, we travelled around Europe with Nathan and Jackson. In No Second Chances, we get to witness not one but three grand gestures. Count them: THREE! 

Here are clues in GIF form:

Grand Gesture #1

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Grand Gesture #2

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Grand Gesture #3

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What do you think they are?

The dark prince is back in town and he’s determined to get his princess back. The question is will he succeed? Natasha is a tough nut to crack. 

This might be the last of the series, but it is only the beginning. Join me in this new journey of losing love, the struggle of giving someone another chance, and the hope of maybe finding love again.

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