Announcing INTERNET FAMOUS by Danika Stone!

Guys. GUYS! For months I have been dying to share the news with you. Today I can finally announce that my second Swoon title, Internet Famous, will arrive next summer! I AM SO EXCITED!

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As everyone knows, I live online. I have so many friends I’ve met through fandom and Internet Famous is an homage to them. I wanted to write a romance about those relationships which spanned the separation of online and real life, to explore the connections that develop in our interconnected world. (I also wanted to write about 80’s movies, but I’ll get back to that later. ;)

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Inspired by some of my favorite online bloggers, Internet Famous follows the romantic (mis)adventures of Madi Nakama: high school senior by day, pop-culture blogger by night. Struggling with a dismal social life and the pressures of a family coming apart at the seams, Madi turns to her online community for support. Live-blogging old movies has proven to Madi that the "perfect romance" of 1980s Rom-coms doesn’t exist in real life. But when she meets one of her long-time fans, Laurent Abelard, an adorkable French exchange student obsessed with photography, she wonders if she might be wrong!  

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I seriously can’t wait for you to meet Laurent and Madi. Their fannish romance—played out in the comments section of the MadLibs blog—is all SORTS of adorbs! In fact, one of my favorite things about Internet Famous is the book’s layout. It’s not your usual text-only fare, and you’ll feel at home as you follow the long-distance romance as the duo moves from texting, to twitter, to snapchat, to skype to… *insert epic music* REAL LIFE.

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Of course, like many real life relationships, things don’t work out right away. As the separation between Madi’s online and real life crumbles, their romance becomes the focus of a troll! You’ll be laughing and cringing as things get messy, but I promise the angst is worth it. Those 80s movies have nothing on Madi and Laurent’s epic love story!

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Internet Famous brings readers into an online world that captures fandom in all its highs and lows. It has a cast of characters you’ll love to love, (and a few you’ll love to hate.) *coughs* Trolls. *coughs* It all comes together in a fun romance that’ll have you swooning! If you’re a geek like me, I know you’ll love this story!

And now that you know the "how" of Internet Famous, I need you to start thinking about the "what." Cover voting starts TOMORROW and I can’t wait to see what image you choose!

Come back tomorrow for cover voting!

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