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Announcing IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY by Claire Kann!

Well, well, well… we meet again, Swoon Readers.

Did you miss me? Come on, admit it: you missed my blog posts a little bit.

It's been a tumultuous year for us all, I think. I've spent a good deal of it hiding, more so than usual, but I have returned! I am here, you are here, and we are here about the book.

Not just any book, but my new book and I must say I feel pretty gosh darn chuffed about it. You being here, I mean. Not the book. Well, I’m excited about that too, but it’s mostly you. Hi. I like your face.

If It Makes You Happy is its name and have some words about the game:

Winnie is living her best fat girl life and is on her way to her favorite place—Misty Haven and her granny’s diner, Goldeen’s. With her family and ungirlfriend at her side, she has everything she needs for one last perfect summer before starting college in the fall.

…until she becomes Misty Haven’s Summer Queen.

Newly crowned, Winnie is forced to take center stage at a never-ending list of community royal engagements. Almost immediately, she discovers that she’s deathly afraid of it all: the spotlight, the obligations, and the way her Summer King wears his heart, humor, and honesty on his sleeve.

To salvage her summer Winnie must conquer her fears, defy expectations, and be the best Winnie she knows she can be—regardless of what anyone else thinks of her.

The thing about cover copy is it rarely ever actually gives you the full nitty-gritty about a book. And while this one comes close, you might have a few questions such as: What exactly is an ungirlfriend? Do I sense a love triangle? Summer Royalty, you say? Why is my small town Gilmore Girls vibe alarm wailing right now!? All valid questions that I’m probably not going to answer so you’ll have to read it to find out. :)

But I will say this book is about a fat girl. It’s about a Black fat girl living in a fatphobic and racist world. It’s about a queer Black fat girl in a committed queerplatonic relationship—and falling in romantic love with someone else for the first time. It’s about someone who is as compassionate as she is angry and learning to be unafraid of her power.

If It Makes You Happy is about Winnie, who is the absolute heart of this book in every sense of the word, and the way she loves, lives, and grows during one eventful summer. I ripped a huge part of my heart out to write this book and pressed it in between IIMYH’s forthcoming pages. I hope you love her (and Winston and Kara and Dallas and Sam and Granny) as much as I do.

IIMYH cover

Until next time,

Claire <3

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