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Announcing GONE BY NIGHTFALL by Dee Garretson!

New book! I pitched the story that became Gone by Nightfall as a YA historical inspired by The Sound of Music but set during the Russian Revolution. I’ve always wanted to write a story that would let me imagine life during the last days of Imperial Russia and I’m fascinated by St. Petersburg (Petrograd back then), a beautiful city like something out of a storybook, a place of glittering snow and gold domes and buildings that look like a pastry chef designed them.

And now I’m delighted I get to share this story of an American girl who thinks of Russia as her home.

American Charlotte Mason loves living in Russia, and is determined to make a life for herself there, even though conditions in 1918 are difficult after years of war have taken their toll on the country. Before the war and before her mother’s death, Charlotte had intended to go to medical school, but she’s forced to change her plans after she takes on the responsibility of her unruly siblings.

No tutor lasts for long in their chaotic household until Dmitri Sokolov, a young soldier on leave from the Czar’s elite regiment, arrives to try his hand. Charlotte has no idea why Dmitri has agreed to take on the job, but she has high hopes he’ll stay. She tries to ignore the fact that he’s handsome and charming because she certainly doesn’t need that sort of distraction just when she might be able to get her life back.

But before she can move ahead, Russia descends into revolution and chaos. Charlotte finds herself with no good choices. If she decides to stay, she and her family may never be allowed to leave, but if they go, they face a long and perilous trip out of the country, not knowing if she’ll ever see Dmitri again.

The cover is perfect and just how I imagined Charlotte. Many thanks to cover designer, Aurora P.


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