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Announcing THE GAME CAN'T LOVE YOU BACK by Karole Cozzo!

Hi guys! Today I’m particularly excited to be guest blogging on the Swoon Reads site, because I get to officially announce the upcoming release of my fourth contemporary YA romance novel, The Game Can’t Love You Back! I can’t wait to share with you my first dual point-of-view book and introduce you to my feisty, competitive leading lady and equally hot-headed yet charming leading man.

She just wants to play.

Growing up with four older brothers, Eve Marshall has always hung with the guys. An exceptional all-around athlete, she dominates any playing field she steps onto, including the baseball diamond. Eve is laser focused on success and claiming any prize that’s up for the taking, especially the Cy Young trophy awarded to the best pitcher on a traditionally all-male team. But when a school fire forces her high school team at Farmington South to join forces with the team at Farmington East, her spot on the mound and place in the spotlight are considerably less certain. Eve is furious about having to re-establish herself on someone else’s turf. And the “welcome” she gets from the boys on her new team? Don’t even go there.

He just wants to score.

Jamie “Ace” Abrams doesn’t take anything seriously. Girls. Grades. Life in general. But baseball’s the exception to the rule—his passion and singular source of pride as the star pitcher of the Farmington East team. But behind his swagger and beneath his bravado, Jamie needs baseball for more than maintaining his stud status with the girls at school; in fact, his future pretty much depends on it. So when Eve Marshall—the one the local papers call "the Phenom," the one he calls a bad joke—shows up aiming to steal his thunder and his Cy Young trophy, he refuses to let her have either. The pitching mound just isn’t big enough for both of them.

Eve and Jamie only agree on one thing—they can’t stand each other. Yet a begrudging mutual respect is established, respect turns into an unexpected friendship, and an unexpected friendship turns into the last thing either of them could have predicted or wanted—romantic feelings. But baseball comes first, and both of the Pirates’ pitchers have their eyes on the prize. And when it comes time to determine what’s more important—the game being played on the field or the one they’re playing on the sidelines…

Will Eve and Jamie step up to the plate, or forfeit the game before it even begins?

I seriously can’t wait to share this story of a strong young heroine defying stereotypes and kicking ass and the boy who comes to appreciate her just the way she is. (And did I mention the shirtless baseball players, tight baseball pants, and getting down and dirty in the dugout?)

Gear up, Swoon Reads, because May 2018, it’s game on!

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Come back tomorrow for cover voting!

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