Announcing FIRST KISSES AND OTHER MISFORTUNES, a novella by Kimberly Karalius!

Close your eyes. Okay, maybe not literally. Metaphorically. Please, thanks.

Now imagine Grimbaud: chocolate-drizzled waffles, sparkling canals, and marble cupids perched on red brick buildings, aiming their arrows at the townspeople below. Now imagine it… IN SUMMMER.

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That's right. Summer. Having traveled there quite a few times myself, I can tell you that Grimbaud is a pretty romantic town to visit during summer. Festivals abound. New love charms are crafted. School is out. And Nico Barnes hopes that the magic of summer rubs off on him this year so that he can have his first kiss with Martin Pauwels.

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Did I really just mention Nico and Martin? Yes, yes I did. Is there a story brewing? Oh, it’s already been brewed. In fact, it’s only a few days away from sitting in your hands (with your name correctly scribbled on the cup).

I am very pleased to announce First Kisses and Other Misfortunes, a FREE e-book novella featuring Nico and Martin! Swoon Reads will be releasing their story on February 8th!  

How cool is it that First Kisses is releasing right before Valentine’s Day? There’s no better way to celebrate this romantic month than visiting Grimbaud again. The timing couldn’t be better. So whether you wake up on the 8th to a giant bowl of conversation hearts from your loved one or to the sound of your blaring alarm clock, nothing except a drained battery can stop you from downloading and enjoying a copy of First Kisses!

While working on my revisions for Love Charms and Other Catastrophes, I felt that Nico and Martin needed some alone time on the page. Their relationship is so fragile and hopeful at the end of Love Fortunes, but by the time we reach Love Charms, they’ve been dating for some time.

I remember calling Holly with an idea. “I’m dying to write about what happens to Nico and Martin over the summer between books,” I said, “How they became a couple. Because it wasn’t easy.”

And Holly was like “of course it wasn’t easy tell me what happened” and we outlined and developed what became the novella.

First Kisses and Other Misfortunes will be bringing a grab bag of anxiety from two very adorable, worried boys, swim trunks, arguments and apologies, an old enemy, spying, and a whole lot of charming romance!

I can’t wait for you to read Nico and Martin’s story and I’m thankful that Swoon Reads felt the same way as me about sharing another piece of Grimbaud with you. 

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First Kisses and Other Misfortunes is now available for preorder! Stake out your copy today!

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